​​​Rusty Porthole

~ About the Name ~ 

​While trying to decide on a name for this establishment, Captain John went to his favorite place of thought, Twin Island.  Upon disembarking his boat, our hero stubbed his toe on a metal object.  So curious was he, that he set about digging out this object, which had so cruelly bitten his appendage. Low and behold the captain discovered that it was a rusty porthole which had felled him.  After a discovery of such magnitude, it was easy to name the restaurant.  The Rusty Porthole now hangs as a testimony for all to see as you enter through the front door.

~ A Bit of Hand Love ~

This building, formerly known as Ballarine's Cafe, was constructed in 1947.  The dining area was a covered berth for a 50 foot Chris-Craft. The Harbor was purchased in 1949, the year of Captain John's entrance into this world by George and Mikey Boyd.  In 1976, Captain John bought and remodeled the building.  He then renamed it as it is known today, "The Rusty Porthole".

The Rusty Porthole is an iconic Frank's Tract tavern offering the best view on the water!  Hosts Rob and Kimi Brunham provide a fun relaxing environment with a friendly staff to serve you.  Additionally, Chef Renee creates amazing and enticing dishes leaving you with the desire to be there for the next meal.  


Featuring local talent as well as well-known artists, we offer karaoke and live music every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. At the Rusty Porthole, every hour is Happy Hour.  


Come and relax. Listen to great music, enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends or colleagues. and experience the love of music for yourself. 

The Rusty Porthole Story​

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